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Georgia Bulldog Football: 2010 Is Hard To Watch

Published by Wes Holtzclaw | Filed under Georgia

58495016Coming into the 2010 season, the Georgia Bulldogs was a sleeper team in the SEC and on the national scene. They were picked by many to finish as high as 2nd in the SEC East and by some to win the SEC East in a year Florida is down.

The Bulldogs returned 10 starters on offense and overhauled their defensive coaching staff. With that said, anything would be better than a Joe Cox led offense and Willie Martinez coached defense, right?

After the first five games it has turned into the worst season since the 1990 season when Ray Goff took the helm at the university.

Most people figured the struggles would be at the quarterback position with red-shirt freshman Aaron Murray taking over, but he has played as a seasoned veteran under center so far this year.

Murray has played with poise as he has passed for 1100 yards with eight touchdowns with only three interceptions to go along with his 168 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

His 60% completion percentage and 146 passer rating through five games compares to the likes of David Greene.

The offensive woes goes squarely on the shoulders of offensive coordinator Mike Bobo. He once again, during the Colorado game, he proved why he deserves to have his play calling duties pulled away from him.

In the third quarter, when A J Green went to the locker room with cramps, Bobo went back to his conservative predictable play calling. He tends to want to throw more screens and dive plays when Green is not in the lineup. 

Yes, Green makes the offense 100 times more potent, but there are play makers on the team besides Green. Bobo needs to let Murray play his game if we are to win more than four games this year.

Defensively is the hardest to watch from my standpoint.

I know Georgia has a new coaching staff with a new scheme. I know Georgia has players playing out of position. The hard thing to watch is the team’s lack of tackling skills.

It seems as though on first and second downs the defense has been able to make plays with their speed, but on third down, the defense continually over runs assignments and defensive backs blow coverages allowing the opposing teams to make first downs.

Tackling is very elementary aspect of the game. Richt and Grantham both preferred to hold the contact to a minimum this past off season.

If you do not tackle in practice and get your body used to the banging around your body is going to experience in a game, then you are going to try and arm tackle opposing players. Remeber Lattimore of South Carolina and Relf of Mississippi State?

At the end of this season I see several areas in the coaching staff Richt needs to make changes to.

Offensive coordinator and strength and conditioning coordinator are the main two coaches who need to be replaced.

If Richt does not do something in these two areas at seasons end, he will only have one more season as he will be gone as well.

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October 3rd, 2010

One Response to “Georgia Bulldog Football: 2010 Is Hard To Watch”

  1. Virginia Says:

    where’s the “like” button on this thing? lol jk. i totally agree! aaron murray has been doing everything that he can do; his support system (or what was supposed to be his support system) is what is struggling. i love the dawgs no matter what, but changes need to be made…

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